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UK UPS offer a comprehensive range of UPS services which includes:

Electrical Installation

UK UPS engineer service team provides electrical installation work using qualified technicians to the IEE regulations, 17th edition. The work covers the provision of the necessary electrical supplies, cables, distribution boards and MCBs necessary to connect and power the UPS and bypass panel. It can be provided on a 24/7 basis, inside or outside normal working hours. All electrical installations are certified to NICEIC standards. A site survey is usually undertaken beforehand.

Delivery, Offload, Position and Battery Build

UPS Delivery, offload, position and battery build is carried out by specialist movers and technicians and can be completed inside and outside working hours.



A commissioning service is provided for all our products. This service makes and checks any final connections, powers up the UPS system and makes sure it is supporting the customer load. A full and detailed report is sent to the customer /client. This service comes with a 1-year warranty.



UK UPS provides a 24/7 round the clock maintenance service contract, this can be either is all inclusive or non-inclusive of parts and labour, both during and after the warranty period. Customers with Maintenance Agreements in place have priority of our service resources therefore we can offer you and your client the best possible support for our UPS equipment.







The Benefits

• Comfort factor during equipment life

• Rapid response call-out for emergencies

• 24-7 service availability

• Full parts and labour cover

• Preventative maintenance visits

• Trained technicians, factory tested parts


Thermal Imaging

'Hot spots' can alert to potential points of failure within any Electrical system. Thermal imaging can identify these within the UPS system, including batteries and provide the opportunity for corrective action.


• Battery Design

• Battery Supply

• Battery Installation

• Battery Rack Installation

• Battery Isolators

• Battery Maintenance

• Battery Testing

• Battery Relocation

• Battery Hire

• Battery Removal & Recycling

• Load Bank Testing



UK UPS offer a decommissioning service were our technicians will decommission your equipment as per manufacturers guidelines and lock off all AC feeds. Disconnect the batteries and remove offsite and dispose off issuing a waste disposal certificate.

Or the system can be relocated to another part of the building or another location.


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